Astro Spy is a dynamic leader in GPS Fleet Management products and services. The Company was created to distribute hardware and software solutions that utilize existing wireless network infrastructures to provide web-based vertical applications to commercial customers and consumers. Astro Spy has Strategic Partners in Mobile Hardware Manufacturing, Mapping, Software Development, Wireless Data Services and Product Distribution, Products and Services.





The Astro Spy® Web Application –

The Astro Spy application provides various features and functionality to aid managers and owners of fleets to maximize operational efficiency without significant capital expense. Features included are the ability to locate and find a single vehicle, a fleet of vehicles. The vehicle’s location is updated every 1.25 minutes and can be seen in real-time as well as a historical track or “bread-crumb” trail for the day or in the past 3 months. Outside of the graphical representation of data, there are reports that are generated in the application for beginning to end of day, starts and stops, speed, as well as a detailed activity for that vehicle. Lastly, Astro Spy was designed for notifications of occurrences to allow remote monitoring of the fleet. The manager can configure e-mail alerts for when vehicles travel in and out of zones, over a certain speed threshold, within a particular saved location, and even the first movement of the day.

Astro Spy GPS fleet management products and services are currently used by different service and distribution companies in the U.S. Key industry segments include HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical, Paving, Roofing, Landscaping, Trucking, Contracting, Transit, and Distribution.







Astro Spy has established partnerships with industry leading companies to provide the best products and services to our customers. Valued partners include: T-Mobile, Raco Wireless, and Heterogeneous.


We are Headquarter in Canoga Park, CA.